~Vietnamese Fine Cuisine~

Dine-In / Takeout

As family owned and operated restaurant, Pho Saigon only uses top quality ingredients to bring out the savory and uncompromising flavors Vietnam has to offer. Whether you plan to stop in for a quick lunch, have a lovely dinner with friends and family, or simply just grab some food to take home, we are glad to accommodate your hunger needs. We offer a wide variety of appetizing dishes at an exceptional value, ranging from the traditional Vietnamese spring rolls to the infamous bowl of beef noodle soup. Many Healthy options to choose from! Not only are we committed to providing great tastes and consistency, we also, strive to build strong customer relationships by maintaining high satisfactory customer service. Check out our menu and let us gratify your taste buds!

Enjoy a Taste of Delicious & Authentic Vietnamese Dishes Close to Home

Tsawwassen Location

Pho Saigon